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Spring has Sprung!

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Spring is here and August and September (and sometimes October) are traditionally the months when the renowned Namaqualand flowers are in bloom. Tourists and locals descend en mass in Spring to witness this natural phenomenon and what most times appears as semi-desert is suddenly transformed into a kaleidescope of spring flowers, reminiscent of Van Gogh’s palette.

There are almost 4000 species of seeds that are waiting to germinate in Spring, depending on what the weather is doing. Thus every year brings with it a different permutation of Spring

Spring flowers Namaqualand

A carpet of Spring flowers

flowers. You may need to enquire at the local tourist bureau to find out where the best displays are and sightings depend very much on what the sun is doing at the time! As winter has apparently been and gone in the Cape, the foreseeable weather forecasts are looking positive.

Popular attractions are the Skilpad Wild Flower Reserve (one of the prime flower locations) and Goegap Nature Reserve, about 15km outside Springbok.

A fantastic resource is where you will be able to find accommodation, maps and anything else you may need. If it’s a day trip you’re planning,  a short  trip up the West Coast road will take you to Darling  (named after Charles Henry Darling) also famous for it’s flower displays. And if you’re there between the 16th and 18th September, you’ll be in time for the 99th Darling Wildflower Show.

So start planning your trip and happy travels!