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Enjoy Cape Town with your kids!

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Kenilworth Go-Karting 16km 21minutes

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, race a 160cc kart around a high-tech, 300m indoor track. Underage drivers can tear up the tracks in 140cc junior carts.

Ten Pin Bowling 13km 19 minutes

Ten pin bowling is an affordable and social game that can be enjoyed by all ages. Lets Go Bowling caters for children’s birthday parties.

Grand West Ice Station & Entertainment World 16.5km 20 minutes

The Ice Station is an Olympic-sized rink, offering kids birthday parties and educational programs.

Flying Gliders 1.5km 5 minutes

If you and your kids enjoy soaring, or want to start flying gliders, join the experts at Atlantic Flying Club, for radio controlled slope soaring.

Adventure Camps 3km 7 minutes

Adventurous kids can embark on a unique camping experience, packed with over 100 camping activities including; abseiling, rock climbing and kite making.

Cool Runnings 24km 24minutes

Hurtle down a 1.25km, steel tobogan track at 40km an hour for an exhilarating rid

Kids Junction 13km 19 minutes

Kids Junction offers exciting, supervised activities for kids including; action ball, drumming workshops, storytelling and much more.

MTN Science Center 10km 15minutes

Visit this interactive science centre, with 280 displays, to learn about fascinating scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

Wild BirdsRehabilitation 22km 30minutes

Visit this non-profit, bird hospital. And view; Marshal Eagles, kites, buzzards, hawks and falcons in dazzling falconry displays.

Lion Park 28km 27minutes

Embark on an educational day trip in the home on the white lion, to learn more about physiology, hunting methods and their life as a pride.

Two Oceans Aquarium 4.5km 12 minutes

The aquarium showcases over 3000 living sea animals including; sharks, fishes, turtles and penguins.

Intaka Island 3.4km 10 minutes

Self-guided trails allow you to view the natural and educational elements of the island including; 180 species of indigenous plants and 125 bird species.

Deer Park Café 3km 7 minuts

Kick back with a caffeine fix, whilst your kids play on their superb, outdoor playground. Deer Park Cafe caters for children’s birthday parties.

Kiddies Play Park 13km 20 minutes

Bugz is the largest outdoor and indoor play park in the Western Cape and offers 2-10-year-olds the activity extravaganza of a lifetime including; sandpits, jumping castles and a train.

Visit Giraffe Park 13km 20 minutes

Enjoy a family picnic and quality time with each other, amongst wonderful wildlife and bird species. Guided conservation tours are available.

Cheetah Sanctuary 43km 36 minutes

Encounter 20 Cheetahs, Raptors Birds and other unique animals at the Spier Wine Estate. The sanctuary has adopted a cute, serval cat. Enjoy a walk through the vineyards and good Food and Wine

Game Reserve

Safari Lodges and tours offer child friendly safaris and an onsite play area which includes; a paddling pool, ponies, miniature quad bikes and crafts.

Horse Riding 35km 35 minutes

Horse Riding Adventures offer lessons and pony rides for your little ‘ones and you, through Noordhoek Beach and the Wetlands.